The following document discusses the recent escalation of general liability insurance premiums and the effect those heightened costs can have on taking out a home loan. 

The below video on the effects of 'Heat Bleed' offers great advice on what to look for when buying a new or used previously owned home. 

The following resources are helpful reminders of what to look for before purchasing a home. From ventilation and air barrier inspection criteria to specific questions for your insurance agent, we want to make sure that you're involved in every aspect of your purchase.

Vapor barriers and air seals are used to keep exterior walls and the foundation of a structure dry from moisture and free of air leaks. While both are critical in prolonging the lifetime of your home or structure, they often require added attention in installation. 

Vapor Barrier installation guidelines:

The national requirement for thermal insulation varies depending on the climate you live in. The warmer the climate you live in the lower the requirements for thermal insulation. The colder the climate the greater the requirements are for thermal insulation. Each wall type, floor type, and ceiling type has a different requirement and each building department has adopted a custom version of the requirements.