Completion Date: 
May 2012
Project Scope: 
Acoustic Insulation
Ceiling Insulation
Exterior Wall Insulation

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Contact: Greg Decker
Decker Custom Homes
Decker Custom Homes

Greg Decker is known for constructing well built homes. We work with Greg to make sure all of homes are well insulated from the ground up. Once Greg has been awarded a project we go to work. We review his construction documents and then provide him with a proposal that meets his criteria. Budgets are always a major concern so we work with Greg to get his clients the best system for their money.

This picture show two pound closed cell rigid polyurethane spray foam foundation insulation 3 months after it was initially installed. This product holds up incredibly well under any circumstance.

Greg needed a foundation insulation system that could maintain its waterproof and thermal integrity where stone was being applied and also drain ground water adequately at subgrade locations. To accomplish this we use a 4 step process on a foundation.

Step 1 – Install mechanical fasteners to the foundation where drainage will be required.

Step 2 – Dissco 540 waterproofing hand applied to the entire exterior surface of the foundation, including the footer

Step 3 – 1.5″ Two pound closed cell polyurethane spray foam from to all necessary exterior surfaces of the foundation.

Step 4 – Install Miradrain 6000 drainage mat over the waterproofing ,foam, and mechanical fasteners where necessary

After the foundation was complete the next phase of insulating this home was under slab insulation.

This picture shows two pound closed cell polyurethane being applied to the substrate.